Exhaust Manifold vs Headers: Breakdown Comparison

Both the exhaust manifold and headers play an important role in an engine’s exhaust system, but they have different designs and functions. Here is a breakdown comparison of the two:


Buy direct-fit exhaust manifolds which is a single unit that connects to the engine block and collects exhaust gases from each cylinder. The exhaust manifold is usually made of cast iron or stainless steel and is designed to be compact to fit into the engine bay.

Headers, on the other hand, are individual tubes that are connected to each cylinder and are designed to optimize exhaust flow. Headers are usually made of stainless steel or mild steel, and their design allows for smoother exhaust gas flow, which can improve engine performance.


Headers are generally considered to be better for performance than exhaust manifolds. Because each cylinder has its own tube in a header, exhaust gases can flow more freely and quickly out of the engine, reducing backpressure and improving exhaust scavenging. This can lead to improved engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Exhaust manifolds, on the other hand, are more restrictive, and exhaust gases can build up in the manifold, causing backpressure that can reduce engine power and fuel efficiency. Suncent Auto is the best online after-market automotive parts that offer free of cost delivery all over the globe.


Headers are often preferred by car enthusiasts because they can give the engine a more aggressive sound. This is because headers allow the exhaust gases to flow more freely, creating a louder and more distinct exhaust note.

Exhaust manifolds, on the other hand, are designed to muffle engine noise and reduce the overall volume of the exhaust. This can be desirable for drivers who prefer a quieter ride.


Exhaust manifolds are generally less expensive than headers. This is because exhaust manifolds are a simpler design, and they are often made of cast iron rather than stainless steel.

Headers are more expensive because they are made of higher-quality materials and have a more complex design.

In summary, both exhaust manifolds and headers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Exhaust manifolds are cheaper and quieter, but they are also more restrictive and can reduce engine performance. Headers are more expensive, and louder, and can improve engine performance by reducing backpressure and improving exhaust scavenging.

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