I Found Amber Run Lyrics

I Found Amber Run Lyrics

If you’re looking for Amber Run lyrics, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ll cover the Instrumentation and Lyrics in this article. So sit back and enjoy! After reading this article, you’ll know what you need to know to understand this song. Amber Run’s first single, “I Found,” was released in 2009. The song’s lyrics were written by frontman Joshua Keogh and were produced by Mike Crossey.

I Found by Amber Run

The band Amber Run has a long history of putting on shows that take the audience on an emotional journey with their music. Their extensive repertoire allows them to do this, and they are dedicated to delivering sets that hit the audience at both highs and lows. Members of the band have honed this skill by listening to their favorite bands and incorporating this element into their shows. Listening to their music is an incredible way to connect with each track and feel a connection to the lyrics.


If you’re in the mood for a good song about love and romance, you might be interested in I Found Amber Run lyrics. This band from the United Kingdom is comprised of Joe Keogh, Henry Wyeth, and Tom Sperring. The group’s music focuses on overcoming difficult topics, such as heartbreak, loss, and loneliness. The group has released three studio albums and four eps so far. The band originally went by the name amber, but changed their name to avoid any conflict.


I found Amber Run lyrics while doing some research for a song I’m working on. This emotional song is about romantic self-discovery. The vocalist of Amber Run learned a hard lesson the hard way about too fast falling in love. However, she is not alone and others have been in her position. Here are some tips to help you get the most from your love life! The first step is to make sure the person you’re interested in is as cool as you are.

Listen to Amber Run songs. The band’s songs are not for everyone. The lyrics are difficult to read, but they’re incredibly powerful. The band’s members, Joe Keogh, Henry Wyeth, and Tom Sperring, write songs that are deeply personal and often touch on subjects that most people don’t feel comfortable talking about. This makes them particularly effective in difficult times. They released their latest album, Philophobia, in March of this year.

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