Infinity Lyrics

Infinity Lyrics

The lyrics to Infinity are the lamentations of a man who has lost the love of his life. He laments his loss of love in this song and reflects on the many nights that he has spent wishing that she would have stayed with him. The song is a bittersweet one, lamenting the passing of a love and the fact that there is no way out. But, despite these lyrics, the song is also a love song that evokes strong emotions.

Infinity is the amount of nights he is wishing that she would have stayed with him

Stephen Baxter’s novel “Infinity” explores the nature of infinity, and how the idea is applied to a love triangle. The story’s soldiers use the idea to understand this paradox. “Infinity is the number of nights a man is wishing a lover would stay with him.”

moving in reverse, with no way out

The Infinity lyrics describe falling from cloud nine, moving in reverse with no way out. It’s like you’ve lost a love and are falling from the sky. The song is about falling from the sky and wishing you could go back in time to regain your love. Fortunately for us, we’re not falling from the sky right now. But we’ll all have to get used to it before we know it.

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