Yesterdays Price Is Not Todays Price

Yesterdays Price is Not Todays Price

Did you know that yesterdays price is not necessarily todays price? The truth is, if you buy stocks at yesterdays price, you may not be making a good investment. The same is true with the stock market. While you cannot beat the market, you cannot get carried away by the past. The only way to be successful in the market is to take a long-term view and look for a good price.

Fat Joe

If you’re a fan of hip-hop, then you’ve heard the phrase “Yesterday‘s price is not today’s price,” which Fat Joe coined during a recent show. While fans of Fat Joe’s career aren’t convinced that Ja Rule won the battle, they say the veteran rapper proved that the old adage isn’t always true. In addition to announcing his win over Ja Rule in the Verzuz battle, the Bronx rapper hypes up the crowd with his new mantra.

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