Experiencing symptoms of EMF radiation

EMF: If you haven’t yet heard about electromagnetic sensitivity, give it time. More than 80% of countries today have laws on the books that limit or control exposure to electromagnetic energy. Expect this awareness and these decisions to continue as long as we keep powering full steam ahead into the technology revolution. 

People are connected to devices virtually 24/7, and services like 5G speeds are becoming more commonplace. This type of tech emits Electromagnetic field radiation to varying degrees. It also leads to more EMF exposure. 

What is EMF? It’s a field created by electrical charges, like those created by devices. People have varying degrees of sensitivity to these fields. 

These tips will help you manage EMF exposure so that you’re doing what’s best for your health and wellness. 

1. Chronic Headaches

If you’re always using devices and also always getting headaches – it’s very well that the two are linked. Constant exposure to EMF can lead to throbbing headaches throughout the day. 

You’ll be especially susceptible to these headaches if you sleep with your phone by your pillow. This doesn’t give you a break from the exposure, especially if you don’t take any EMF protection measures. Many people today are choosing to leave their smartphones completely out of the bedroom at night so they can get a break from the exposure. 

2. Fatigue and Irritability

People exposed to throughout the day will also experience more fatigue and irritability. Something about exposure to the magnetic field throws off your mood and affects your brain chemicals. 

It can be draining, and this scarcity of energy can cause you to become irritable and even depressed. 

3. Trouble Staying Focused

Experiencing symptoms of EMF radiation can also make it difficult for you to maintain any level of focus. It’s especially difficult if you have EMF sensitivity and are surrounded by tech every day at work. You’ll lose productivity and may experience more brain fog each morning that lasts through lunchtime and beyond. 

Take breaks throughout the day to limit your exposure and to get more longevity out of your mind. 

4. Anxiety and Nausea

Anxiety and nausea are other symptoms of EMF exposure you should be aware of. You might feel an overall sense of discomfort and malaise that you can’t explain. The radiation, combined with the prolonged focus on a bright screen can cause you to feel nauseous to the point of throwing up. 

You might also have anxiety and nervous tics that you don’t know the cause of. Take the time to shop for the protective equipment that you need to protect yourself from radiation and other issues. 

Nip EMF Exposure in the Bud

What is EMF exposure? Now that you have the answer to this question and others, you’re in a better position to control your exposure. We’re around electronic technology around the clock, so this is an area of interest you have to keep tabs on. 

You can also search for companies that sell EMF-exposure protective equipment. 

In the meantime, rely on us for more information on getting the most out of your technology use. 

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