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The Lifeline Assistance program promises a discount of $9.25 per month on your telecom bill. This is the primary benefit to which you’re always eligible. As we have told you earlier, many wireless providers in your state provide large Lifeline offers, and some provide free government phones for those who qualify. phones

So, it’s always wise to conduct a bit of study to determine the provider that can provide you with the most competitive price. To make it easier for you We’ve done exhaustive research on each state , so you don’t need to. Check out our research and choose the best provider for your requirements. phones

After you have received your Lifeline assistance is approved, you are entitled to some rights and advantages you need to know about. Also, be sure that the selected service meets its obligations.

Here’s the listing of the following rights as lifeline recipient :

The following requirements must be meet with these Minimum service standard:

  • Mobile phones should have: at minimum 1000 minutes
  • To use mobile Internet (a plans for data) A speed of 3G or more and a minimum usage of 2GB per month.
  • Your service provider must possess at least one device that supports hotspots accessible for plans with data.
  • You can choose the service Lifeline utilizes. If you purchase a package that includes Lifeline, you are able to connect Lifeline to either voice or Internet service.
  • You can change your service provider anytime with prior information.
  • You have the right to complete support for your customers. If your service provider is not responsive or fails to assist you get in touch with your utility’s state regulatory agency or the USAC as well as the FCC to make a complaint.

Wireless providers that provide free phones to government agencies DO not give you the choice of selecting your own device. They provide you with a device that is available within the price range of the Lifeline program. A lot of carriers give you the option of bringing in your own mobile phone, provided it’s compatible with their service.

The top Lifeline FREE offers typically come with 1,000 minutes of talk time with unlimited texting, the possibility of 3GB or more data each month, as well as a free phone . Make sure you look over all of the options and decide which offers the greatest value for money.

Benefits for low income or government benefit for program participants offer the same benefits since they are two different ways to join the Lifeline aid program.

We’re hoping you’ll benefit from the advice provided here to your advantage and get the assistance to which you have the right to. If you opt for the best package, you’ll receive the option of a monthly subscription for free and an official phone that is free that will allow you to remain connected with your colleagues as well as family and acquaintances.

What happens if I fail to meet the requirements?

  • The different Lifeline providers might have various eligibility criteria, but in general the requirements are identical. If you’re not eligible to use one Lifeline company in the state, you will not be eligible for the free cell phone, or wireless service.
  • Fortunately, there are still numerous other ways to get a phone for free or at an affordable one.

Another method to get an unlocked mobile phone

  • Many carriers, including MVNOs, provide free phones for signing up to a new phone plan. Additionally the plans offered by these carriers are typically less expensive than major transportation companies.
  • Additionally, you can get the phone free of charge in the form of a rebate that is instant and which is applied to the entire cost of your phone.
  • Additional offers are offered for a limited period. For instance, you could receive a second phone at no cost if you purchase another in the same transaction. These deals typically function as credit on your bill that is applied to the monthly service plan.
  • Certain providers may give you a free phone when you provide your current number, make the switch to another provider, and then activate the account.
  • How to find a low-cost phone
  • If you want to purchase a new smartphone at a reasonable cost you might need look for special offers and discounts. Mobile phone companies that are smaller and virtual network operators typically offer phones at a discounted price.
  • Special deals are usually offered during the holiday season along with Black Friday is Black Friday.
  • Think about buying a device that is unlocked. It could help you save money in the longer term.
  • Shop online for the best deals and the most affordable costs.
  • Exchange your old phone. This will also save you lots of cash.
  • Purchase a gadget in reasonable monthly installments. A lot of finance and stores provide this option, even when you have a low credit score.
  • How do I renew the free phone service of the government?
  • The process is designed to determine whether you’re still a fully eligible Lifeline member, and thus eligible to receive financial aid from the government. Renewal of service keeps you from becoming disconnected and lets you continue to receive free service.
  • The exact process for renewal can differ by provider however, they’re all comparable to the TruConnect procedure that is described below.
  • The Lifeline provider will automatically send you an renewal application 105 calendar days prior to the deadline for expiration . The renewal form will include an individual identification number (PIN) inside an envelope with a pink color that is located on page one of your renewal forms. You can utilize your PIN for renewal of your service via phone, mail, or on the internet. To do this via phone, dial your provider’s customer service via Your Lifeline telephone and then follow the directions that are provided. For mail take the form, complete it, and fill in, and send the form with your PIN to the provider’s address. You can also locate the renewal form for your provider on the internet.
  • Then you will be informed by mail confirming the renewal.
  • Government-owned mobile phones are free Companies
  • What are the free government-issued phones that you can obtain through Lifeline? Lifeline help program? All the businesses listed below provide cell phones as well as plans under the Lifelink program.
  • AssistWireless
  • Wireless Assurance
  • Cintex Wireless
  • Copper Valley Wireless
  • EasyWireless
  • enTouch Wireless
  • FeelSafe Wireless
  • ICG
  • Infiniti Mobile
  • LifeWireless
  • NewPhone Wireless
  • q-link
  • Safelink Wireless
  • SafetyNet Wireless
  • SprocketWireless
  • StandUpWireless
  • Tag Mobile
  • Tempo Communications
  • Terracom Wireless
  • TruConnect
  • TrueWireless
  • Be aware that each company is a specific state-based carrier; see more information about which states they are available in, click here. The most effective method to find out the carriers that are in your region is to type in your zip number here .
  • Free Mobiles from the Government What Phones You Can Find
  • The numerous companies that are part of Lifeline’s Lifeline assistance program have done a great job of giving their customers great options when it comes to low-cost or no-cost phones.
  • For instance Assurance: the firm provides a range of smartphones like those from the Alcatel Dawn and the Kyocera Hydro Reach and the ZTE Prestige 2. Truconnect is a brand that sells the NUU A3 as well as the ZTE Warp Elite N9518.
  • However there are some companies that do not provide their phone numbers until they’ve completed the qualifying process. But, it will allow you to determine the amount of stipend you’re trying to get for your cheap or free phone that is a government service.

Government-owned mobile phones for free Affordable Alternatives

If you aren’t eligible to receive an free phone from the government You can consider purchasing a low-cost phone instead. There are many low-cost phones available which are our top picks.

Cheap cell phone plans for cell phones

If you’re not eligible in the Lifeline assistance program There are many cheap cell phone plans that can help you out. These are among the lowest plans for mobile phones available at this moment.

Gene Mobile

Gen Mobile is a smaller wireless carrier that is part of its own Sprint network. Plans start at just $6 per month, and increase to $25 per month, with different quantities of text, talk and data. The most basic plan includes 30 minutes worth of talking time with unlimited text, and 1GB of data for just $6 per month.


Twigby is a Nashville-based prepaid mobile network operator (MVNO) which works with both the Sprint as well as Verizon networks . The plans below are just a few dollars higher that Gen Mobile, but you will get 200 minutes talk time time per month.

Twigby offers a variety of phones that are cheap that are reasonably priced, including the cheapest model being the $16 Alcatel Cinch. If you’re looking for a model which is more similar to today’s smartphones The Unimax Express costs $34.

U.S. Mobile

US Mobile is another smaller wireless provider, however it is revealed that it relies on Verizon’s network exclusively. We suggest checking out US Mobile’s US Mobile plan that includes 3.5 GB data as well as unlimited text and talk for just $12 per month. Yes, it’s more costly than the other two plans however, you’ll get three times more data and unlimited text and talk.


Frequent questions


What’s the Lifeline Assistance program?

Lifeline Assistance is an ongoing Federal Communications Commission program (since 1985) that was designed to ensure an equal access to phone service to all Americans. It is specifically targeted at residents with low incomes who may not have the money to purchase an expensive mobile phone or plan. The program allows users who qualify to wireless service at $9.25 each month. This also applies to Internet service which is priced at $9.25 per month.

Learn further regarding Lifeline here. Lifeline program here. .

What can I do to obtain a free cell phone?

To determine whether you’re eligible to receive an unpaid payphone it is necessary to verify that your household’s income is below 135 percent from the Federal Poverty Guidelines . You’ll have to prove the income of your household using pay stubs, W-2 tax form or confirmation letter from the agency that you’re enrolled in.

Start simply by typing in your zip code below to find out what federal service choices are in the region.

Do I have the right to get a government touchscreen phone at no cost?

If you’re in compliance with all Lifeline Assistance Program restrictions, you can receive a federal touchscreen phone.

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