Phone Call Recording App: How To Stop Illegal Data Sharing?

Phone Call Recording App: Our organization is working in hybrid work mode for a year. At first, all of the employees were asked to report for work from home as the situation was suitable for that.

But with time though the lockdown situation gets much better the higher authorities took the decision of a hybrid model of work keeping in mind the employees’ needs and wishes. So now two days are fixed for work from home and for two days employees have to come to the office. The employees have to rotate their days after two weeks so things were particularly very smooth and everyone was happy until the incident happened. 

One of the employees was caught sharing confidential information. He may have thought that there is no one in the office so this might be his chance but turned out he was not alone in the office. Most importantly he was not able to deny the allegations as they said they had proof.

He was sure about CCTV footage as he had this whole thing planned. But little did he know that the organisation has updated the monitoring mechanism and now the CCTV footage was just a simple additional security measure to keep an eye on the employees. He did try to put on a show but once when he was asked to go meet the DD he simply resigned and silently left the company.

His department and teammates started facing discrimination and odd behaviour from the other colleagues. So it was necessary to clear the matter once and for all. That’s when they had to tell us all about the employee monitoring and the incident of illegal data sharing. They told how they succeeded in catching the spy right in time which saved big destruction. So in the end a phone call recording app caught the spy red-handed.

The organization has already invested in a paid app named OgyMogy. Maybe remote working mode triggered this investment but the company was using the app to keep an eye on the employees’ work and it helped them catch a big corporate scandal. 

The research about the particular employee monitoring app and phone call recording feature is very interesting. Here is what everyone should know about the employee monitoring apps. 

Phone Call Recording App:

  • A phone call recording feature can be used to keep a check on the target employee’s activities. Phone Call Recording App
  • Employee monitoring is common as nearly 80% of companies use apps to monitor employees’ phone records, messaging email correspondence and more. 
  • It is 2022, so it is quite obvious that you are being monitored by the company. Some companies though officially announce the monitoring software. Others may consider it an obvious thing. Phone Call Recording App
  • The app can only be installed when you have physical access to the target device. Moreover, organizations are bound to use only company-owned devices for the installation of employee monitoring. 
  • Thus if you are given a cellphone, laptop or desktop by the company the chance of being monitored by the employee monitoring app is very high. 
  • A call recording feature saves the recordings of every incoming and outgoing call of the target person. Phone Call Recording App
  • The feature can be used to track any conscious or unconscious sharing,  misbehaviour or issue with clients or customers and more. 
  • Companies can use this feature to keep a record of any important calls with a particular client. Phone Call Recording App
  • The recordings can later be used for training employees about any incident or how to handle any situation. 
  • The feature also saves the record of the phone book as well. 
  • All the call-related data is saved with timestamped information. 
  • So if you are in a business that involves calls with clients or customers then you must explore the phone call recording feature. 
  • The spy was also caught with another important feature. He was seen spying on the boss’s computer through the video camera spy app offered by the OgyMogy spy app. 

The OgyMogy is a cloud-based app as all the call recording data and other monitoring data are saved on the online dashboard. It is completely legal to use the employee monitoring app in the United States. If you are outside the US kindly check the local law before getting the spy app. Phone Call Recording App:

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