Quotex io Review: Is This Broker Legit Or a Scam?

Quotex io Review

Binary trading options can bring you high profits or sometimes losses very quickly. A lot of traders are highly interested in utilizing this nice financial product. Therefore, it’s highly essential to make your investments with a good and trustworthy online broker. And guess what? TheQuotex io always proves to be the best trading platform when it comes to offering incredible services in all aspects.

Quotex io was actually founded by Maxbit LLC in 2020. This broker doesn’t have regulations, and you will need a deposit of just $5 to get started with this outstanding broker. Plus, it is a very advanced & regularly updated platform for the best trading experience. All in all, it takes place in the top 10 best brokers, which offer the most efficient services of trading.

The Platform – A Comprehensive Overview

Quotex is actually a reliable platform for conveniently trading digital options, even on a large variety of assets. The digital option term refers to trades relying on quite simple up & down movement of price with fixed outcomes and predetermined costs.

There is no need to download it all as this platform is entirely web-based. It supports trading on a number of options like forex, commodities, forex, and indices. Plus, its durations of expiry are clearly diverse with 1, 2, 5 minutes, or even 1 hour & on up to a whole month or more in some conditions.


The percentage of payout is usually based on the time frame and the assets. Returns will vary widely on existing information of trade. For instance, if a big trader’s proportion is speculating in a similar direction, its payout is more likely to reduce in order to explore new positions. Plus, those who talk about the contrarian view will typically see a bigger percentage of payout.


The most reliable method to learn this system is to use its demo account. Furthermore, Quotex provides even market news and clear guidance for ease of use, too. It also offers the best trading signals, but these become available only on the complete account — they can’t be accessed on the versions of the demo account.

Minimum deposit & trade amount

Whenever you want to begin with Quotex, you will have to make a deposit of around $10. Also, its least deposit is $10; still, you can do verification by different deposit methods. In addition, there are distinct methods for making payments depending on the residence country or location. For instance, Europe traders can utilize other methods for payment as compared to the USA traders. Yes, its minimum deposit is also quite low than other online brokers out there.

Assets & markets

Quotex generally offers to trade:

  • Stock Indices
  • Commodities
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Currencies (forex)

As mentioned earlier, it is a new online broker. Its management will eventually upgrade & develop the platform step by step. Also, they are planning to add even more trading assets for a more pleasurable trading experience. Currently, you will be able to trade & select more than 100 different trustworthy markets.

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