Spiti Valley in winters

If you are willing to visit Spiti valley in winter then you have to pack your lots of courage. As the climate in Spiti valley in winters is harsh and you have to fight with dropping temperatures. Above all that you will enter into a place that will be a never-ending adventure for you and you will be covered with the white blanket. But this blanket will not provide warmth to you, as this white blanket is of the snow. A trip during winter will be a tough fight for you. In Spiti valley, Spiti stands for The Middle Land. But you don’t have to make your heart sad as you will get to enjoy the frozen cold desert.

In short, you can say that it is the second version of Spiti valley.

The memory of your camera or phone will shout that “delete some pictures to save new pictures”. But your heart will say “I have a memory that will last long so you don’t have to worry about it. You go and take the pictures till the moment you are not tired. I will save all memories of yours”.

You will not only make new memories but you will learn how to tackle difficult and tricky situations. You will learn how to drive in the conditions when the roads will get sloppy.

The climate of the Spiti Valley that you will see:

The perfect time for experiencing the never-ending adventure is between October and March. During the day you will meet the average temperature but at the time you have to take extra care of yourself as the temperature will fall in the negative category. You will get the little warmth of the sunshine but still, the conditions will be cloudy and foggy.

Things which can be done by you while you are in Spiti Valley in winter:

Besides the things which you can do in winter in Spiti, there is already one thing that you have done. The thing which you have done is to come to Spiti Valley, especially in winter. This is already the adventurous thing that you have done and doing the other things will increase your endurance level.

Other than reaching Spiti Valley in winter there are some things that you can do. The activities are Trekking, Camping, Frozen waterfall climbing, and spotting a snow leopard.

By experiencing the adventure you will also face some problems which are common in Spiti Valley.

You will have to carry your power bank as there will be no electricity. Even though the electricity will be available for you but still you will not be able to charge your batteries for the electrical appliances. There will be no mobile signal to contact your dear ones. There will be no water supply in the restrooms.

You will get a few options for staying but if you want the high facilities that won’t be possible. You will also have to face transportation issues which can affect the food options for you. If you are travelling in a group or with anyone then you can ask for them but if you are travelling alone then you might not get any help from anyone. Also if you face any medical emergency there then it is not possible to get medical help easily and early.

If you want to live here by enjoying yourself then you have to learn how to tackle the situations. You don’t have to worry about learning what the situation will teach you itself if you want to enjoy this trip.

You can also get the chance to get to know the locals if you wish to live for some more time which can be helpful to you for surviving there.

You can reach Spiti Valley either by air or by road.

Things which you should carry for this trip:

  1. Power bank
  2. Windbreaker
  3. A torch
  4. An adequate number of shoes and socks with an extra pair.
  5. Emergency first aid kit.
  6. Some digestives.
  7. Woollen caps and scarves.
  8. Warmers.

Precautions which you should take:

  1. While travelling you should take the rest for some time to restore your energy or you can also choose to stay overnight.
  2. To keep your bodies warm you should keep dry fruits with you.
  3. You must cover your body with multiple warm clothes.
  4. Make sure that you have the cash with you.

When you return from this trip you will feel very proud of yourself and will be very excited too to tell about this trip to others.

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