Top 5 CleanMyMac X Alternatives & Competitors in 2023

CleanMyMac X Mac devices are well known for their functionality and features. A safe operating system can protect your data and ensure your privacy is protected everywhere. However, when we keep using the device, the Mac OS may lag in its performance. Accumulation of redundant files may be the reason for this. We may not create these unnecessary files knowingly.

We may accidentally create these unwanted files as we keep handling more files. This can reduce the system space to a significant extent, and obviously, it can hinder your system’s performance. We need to discover a reliable procedure for cleaning your Mac device to solve this problem. To help you, we have briefed you about the top-notch tools you can use to keep your MacBook Cleaned.

CleanMyMac X

Although Mac devices are organized and protected, their performance may suffer from inadequate storage. Increased accumulation of useless files may be the cause. CleanMyMac X is your best option if you’re looking for an efficient way to clean your Mac device. The finest Mac cleanup application can spot malware bugs, useless archives, and garbage files.

The program may be an infection scanner, efficiency booster, Mac cleaning, and performance tracker. The ClearMyMac X has 27 million customers and can delete all your garbage files without impacting any essential documents. You may now experience enhanced device performance with the innovative Mac Cleaner Software.


  • Has been notarized by Apple
  • Can protect your personal data
  • Superior capacity to identify viruses on Mac
  • Having the ability to detect and delete unneeded applications
  • It can improve the responsiveness of your applications and protect your chat
  • Protection at all times from hackers, trojans, and hazards online
  • May locate and delete undesirable damaged files
  • Over 30 tools are available
  • Optional smart scanning

Best CleanMyMac X Alternative

CleanMyMac X is a robust utility however at times it takes up a lot of system resources and can be costly for some users. Here are the Top CleanMyMac X Alternatives that can replace your existing performance booster utility.

  1. Disk Doctor
  2. Mac Booster 8
  3. Cleanup My System
  4. Disk Clean Pro
  5. Clean Me

Disk Doctor

If you want to boost the performance ability of your Mac device, then Disk Doctor can help you. The utility can identify and clear out all types of unnecessary junk files from your Mac device and can make your device super-fast. It may lag in some functionality. But Disk Doctor is equivalent to CleanMyMacX in its redundant file removal capability.


  • Faster system cleaning option
  • Can identify and remove junk files of larger size
  • Simple and direct operation


  • Can clear iOS software updates   
  • Ability to identify and remove online trash like browser data and email downloads
  • In-depth cleaning option


  • Not capable of detecting malware DMG files

Mac Booster 8

Are you searching for an equivalent utility to replace the CleanMyMac X tool? Then Mac Booster 8 can be your ideal choice. Mac Booster 8 has superior junk cleaning ability and features. It can help you boost your system speed with its deep cleaning attribute. The best junk cleaner program has deep system cleanup and performance-boosting abilities similar to the CleanMyMac X tool.


  • Superior cleaning ability
  • Capable of finding your duplicate files
  • Can protect your system


  • Superior internet security
  • Can identify and remove 20 types of junk files
  • Capable of boosting your system performance


  • Frequent pop-up ads during usage

Cleanup My System

This is one of the best cleaner utilities for Mac in 2023. Cleanup My Mac is loaded with multiple inbuilt utilities to organize Mac files, optimize Mac storage space, and keep it clutter-free. This tool can be a suitable substitute for the CleanMyMacX utility. The free-to-use program can tweak and organize your Mac for better performance rather than cleaning it.


  • Capable of verifying the system files
  • Ability to execute maintenance and cleaning tasks
  • Ability to change the file format


  • Ability to remove more types of junk files
  • Can manage the open recent command in the file manager
  • Capable of managing the default location for your screenshots


  • Somewhat clumsy user interface

Disk Clean Pro

The super-fast cleaner tool, Disk Clean Pro, has superior cleaning abilities for all Mac users. The utility can help remove browser caches and temp files that can occupy system space, thereby hindering performance. Disk Clean Pro has been ranked among the best Mac cleaners for the last few years. CleanMyMac X


  • Capable of finding and removing duplicate files
  • Can identify and erase unwanted apps, privacy data, and malicious infections
  • Ability to perform a deep scan and quick scan


  • Can identify and remove large files on your Mac
  • Capable of terminating unnecessary startup allocations
  • Can make your system super-fast CleanMyMac X


  • Lack of advanced cleaning features

Clean Me

Last, the Clean Me Mac utility can be a better substitute if you want a substitute for the CleanMyMac X tool. The tool can keep your MacBook Cleaned and easily remove all types of junk, including user logs, caches, system logs, and other redundant files. It is lightweight software that doesn’t use much of your system resources.


  • Ability to clear your trash on the go
  • Capable of clearing all iMessage attachments
  • Can remove downloaded files with ease


  • Capable of clearing global temp files
  • Can identify and remove unnecessary media files
  • It can work as a Mac OS analyzer tool


  • Don’t have a dedicated feature for boosting Mac performance

Summing Up

Mac cleaners are essential tools as they can ensure better performance ability of your system. Choosing the best Mac cleaner utility may require some expert assistance. This brief explains about Clean My Mac X tool and suitable alternatives for the utility. Your technical insights are supplemented with this post. Grasp the details and choose the best tool for cleaning your Mac device.Meta: Looking for the Best CleanMyMac Alternatives? Top CleanMyMac alternative tried, tested, compared, and listed in 2023 to boost Mac performance.

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