Aging Parent: Warning Signs3 to Look Out for When You Visit

Aging Parent

As your parents age, you need to be more observant to check if they need more care. Most aging parents struggle to do basic tasks like cooking, cleaning, and washing up. This can contribute to their health deteriorating. When you visit your parents, there are certain signs you can watch out for to know if they will need to be moved to an assisted living in Bradenton Florida. Here are some of those signs. Aging Parent

Poor Hygiene, Diet, and Weight Loss

When it comes to senior adults, healthy eating needs to be a priority to keep them strong. But if you notice signs of poor diet and weight loss, you need to be concerned. It might be that your parents are having a difficult time prepping meals, hence not eating as required. Poor hygiene can indicate many things, including dementia and depression. This could be a sign your parents need a caregiver. Aging Parent

Changes in Mood and Behavior

Another red flag to watch out for changes in mood and behaviour. When you speak on the phone, you might not be able to gauge someone’s mood correctly. But when you are physically present, you will get a clear picture of your loved one’s social life. If your mum loved gardening, is she still doing it? Or if your dad enjoyed painting, does he still find pleasure in it? Withdrawing from hobbies and social interaction are common indicators of depression among older adults.

Marks and Bruises on the Body

Seniors are prone to falls, especially in a home not designed to accommodate an older person. They struggle with balance, meaning they are prone to falls. This can lead to severe injuries, including traumatic brain injuries. If you notice marks and bruises, be concerned.

If you notice these signs, talk to your loved one about getting help. It can be in the form of getting a caregiver, going to a nursing home, or assisted living care. Having someone to care for your loved ones and help them do basic tasks will go a long way in keeping them healthy.

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