Which CPAP Company Hires Remote Inbound Sales Jobs From Home

Which CPAP Company Hires For Remote Inbound Sales Jobs From Home?

CPAP is an important healthcare product that many people use, so it’s no surprise that the company has been hiring for flexible and remote inbound sales positions for a long time. But how do you know which CPAP company hires for these types of jobs? Read on for some tips on how to land one of these positions. We’ve also listed the benefits of CPAP remote jobs and outlined a few important tips to land one. CPAP Company

iSleep Intelligence

If you’re interested in working from home, but don’t have the experience to make the typical phone sales, iSleep Intelligence is hiring remote inbound sales representatives. The job description describes the work of sleep apnea specialists. These individuals don’t necessarily sell CPAP machines, but they do approach sleep doctors and other specialists to sell the necessary equipment.CPAP Company


Are you interested in working from home, but don’t have a traditional sales job? If so, you can find work as a CPAP specialist with iSleep Intelligence. This position requires you to consult with consumers about sleep apnea treatment options and provide recommendations regarding the best equipment for their condition. While you won’t sell CPAP machines directly to consumers, you will approach sleep doctors to get referrals and sales. CPAP Company

Owl Labs

Owl Labs is looking for a self-motivated Account Executive of Inside Sales to help them find new potential customers and sell their products. Applicants should have 3+ years of related sales experience and demonstrate passion for the sales process and customer experience. If you’re looking for a remote opportunity to grow your career, this could be a great fit. In this position, you’ll be working with a growing company that’s committed to making the customer’s experience as positive as possible.

Increasing productivity is an obvious benefit for both sides of the desk. A recent Omdia 2020 Future of Work report found that 68% of companies increased productivity when they switched to a remote work model. Likewise, a report by Owl Labs found that 67% of employees surveyed were more productive at home than in the office. Of these, 57% said they preferred working from home full-time and 27% said they preferred to work from home only part-time. As a result, allowing sales development representatives to work independently can increase productivity and reduce stress.

While the WWR ranks Germany as the most popular country for remote work, the UK is the second largest country for hiring remote workers. UK companies made up 6.1% of WWR roles. Canada, Australia, and Germany were the last to join the ranks. These findings show that the United States has a strong desire to hire remote workers. In the US, many workers want to work from home, but they are not yet ready to give up their day jobs.

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