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Convert VCE to PDFs: Have you ever seen a VCE file and wondered how to open it or make it more user-friendly? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. VCE (Visual Certification Exam) files are commonly used in exam preparation and training.

They have become a popular format for practice tests. However, sometimes we need to convert these files to PDF (Portable Document Format) for sharing or printing purposes because PDF is universally accepted and can be opened on any device. That’s when we need VCE to PDF converters! In this article, let’s explore some of the best tools that can help us convert VCEs into PDFs easily so that everyone can access and use their exam materials without any problem. Convert VCE to PDFs

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What are VCE Files and Why Convert VCE to PDF?

VCE files, also known as Visual Certification Exam files, are widely used in exam preparation for different types of certifications. These files contain a set of questions with their answers and other relevant information about the exams presented in a simulated environment matching an actual examination setting.

They are applicable in various sectors such as education where students use them to gauge their understanding of different subjects, professionals who want to simulate real scenarios during tests before acquiring certain qualifications, or even teachers monitoring individual learners’ progress towards specific certification examinations. Convert VCE to PDFs

The popularity of converting VCE files into PDF format is due to its numerous benefits which include flexibility and universality among others:

  • Compatibility: PDF documents are convenient due to their functionality and compatibility with multiple devices across various operating systems.
  • Portability: For portability, PDF files can easily be shared, saved, or opened on different gadgets.
  • Ease of Annotation: One of the benefits of using PDFs is that people can make annotations by highlighting texts or underlining words right in the document itself.
  • Long-Term Access: This format guarantees that tests will not disappear over time as it happens when they are stored in proprietary VCE file formats which may become outdated at some point.
  • Ease in Sharing: Sharing them is like a walk in the park. Either email them or upload to cloud services or embed them on websites. Convert VCE to PDFs

Best VCE to PDF Converters

  1. VCEPlus

VCEPlus is the best-known online converter for VCE files. It can handle large numbers of conversions from VCE to PDF at once and there are no restrictions on how many times you use it or what size your files should be. It has a user-friendly interface design so even those who have never converted anything before will not find any difficulties working with this tool. Since its main focus lies in converting VCE into PDF, there may not be other features like editing or adding functionalities to converted files. The conversion time is fast but sometimes when dealing with big VCEs processing might take a little bit longer than usual. Convert VCE to PDFs


  • Conversions are free and unlimited.
  • Easy-to-use intuitive user interface.


  • In comparison to other methods, larger files may take more time to process potentially. 
  • Limited features as opposed to dedicated PDF editing software. Convert VCE to PDFs
  1. Exam Formatter

Exam Formatter is a versatile conversion tool created to convert VCE files into PDF format. This has an easy-to-use interface and powerful conversion capabilities. It is the most popular among users who need a smooth solution for converting VCE files into a more accessible format. ExamFormatter stands out because it can work with many versions of VCE files. Regardless of whether you have older file formats or the latest updates, ExamFormatter will still be able to handle them all. Users should expect quick and efficient conversion times when using this program which helps them reduce waiting periods thus enhancing productivity at large. Convert VCE to PDFs


  • Wide compatibility.
  • Customizable output options.


  • The free version may have limited features or conversion capability.
  • Some users, despite the user-friendly interface, may still need to spend a lot of time on it.
  1. DoPDF & CutePDF Writer

These are software acting as virtual printers that enable you to print any file format (including VCE) into a PDF document. These tools are free and light-weight hence they can easily be integrated with your systems printing options. Just open your VCE file, select DoPDF as printer then click “Print” to generate a PDF document.

Here is how you can convert VCE to PDF using software like DoPDF or CutePDF Writer:

Step 1: Download and install a virtual PDF printer tool be it CutePDF or DoPDF.

Step 2: Open the VCE file in the VCE Designer software (You’ll need to download it.)

Step 3: Go to File and select Print.

Step 4: Choose your virtual PDF printer like CutePDF Writer.

Step 5: Specify a filename and location for your converted PDF.

Step 6: Click Print to convert your VCE to PDF. 


  • Versatile, can convert various file types to PDF.
  • Usually free or offer freemium versions.
  • Easy to use with existing software like VCE Designer.


  • Requires an additional software installation.
  • One or two steps more than that of a dedicated VCE to PDF converter.

Choose the Right VCE to PDF Converter

  • For ease of use and frequent conversions, use specialized software like VCEPlus.
  • For adaptability and occasional conversions, use virtual printer software such as DoPDF or CutePDF Writer. Convert VCE to PDFs

Final Words on VCE to PDF Converters

When we convert VCE files into PDF format, it opens up a whole new world for exam preparation and certification training; because they become more compatible with different devices and systems and also portable enough so that you can carry them anywhere you go. With speed being important for some people while others prioritize convenience over everything else there is always an ideal converter waiting between VCEs and accessible learning. Just choose whichever tool suits your needs best and let it realize the full potential of your exam prep!

So, you want to be able to learn on the move? Use PDFs – they’re everywhere! Don’t forget a converter though- these things are going to revolutionize how easy tests become. Convert VCE to PDFs

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