I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend Lyrics

I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend Lyrics

“i wanna be your girlfriend” is a tender confessional of Marie’s feelings for Hannah, a friend whom she never even knew was gay. The song’s sensitive lyrics are muddled by the social stigma of homosexuality and the lack of normal awareness of the phenomenon. If you are wondering how you can tell if the lyrics are for you, then this article will help you to do just that.


You’ve probably seen the video for I wanna be your girlfriend by Genius, but you may not know the full lyrics. The song is a love song, and while it may seem like it’s a simple track, it’s actually a very emotional one. It’s about two lovers who’ve parted ways, and the song is about a natural act of love. Genius has an official API implementation.

Artist: girl in red

“I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend” by Girl In Red is a beautiful song that documents a young woman’s feelings for another girl. Hannah is Marie’s friend, but she is unaware that she’s in love with her. Although this song is a tender confessional, it is also complicated by the stigma associated with homosexuality and the lack of a normal awareness of the topic.

The song’s feminist message is cutting-edge social commentary. It pushes back against the common narrative of “leaning in” and reducing one’s femininity to get ahead in a patriarchal society. “They’re pretty in button-up shirts,” for example, is a direct criticism of the notion that women should downplay their femininity in order to make it in a patriarchal society.

Song: i wanna be your girlfriend

The I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend lyrics are a lyrical document of the emotions Marie experiences while in love with Hannah. Hannah is her friend and is completely unaware of Marie’s feelings. Although the lyrics are tender, the song is also complicated by the lack of societal acceptance of gays and lesbians. It’s important to remember that this song was written in a time when these feelings were largely unaccepted.

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