Although it is significantly more difficult than it was before, it is possible to remain anonymous online.

anonymous online

We present five different ways to help you protect your identity and sensitive information while browsing the web. anonymous online

1: Navigate privately whenever possible

Sailing in private mode is the simplest thing you can do so that the general use of the Internet is a little older.

This is how it works without private mode: you will leave cookies every time you visit a website. These cookies are stored on your computer and contain a modest amount of data based on the websites you have visited, allowing other web pages to offer you an experience to suit you. That could be Facebook by showing you an announcement of that new MacBook that you searched on Google, or YouTube watching you have been looking for videos about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phone. These cookies can be used to create a unique digital footprint based on data that is Have collected. anonymous online

You just have to navigate in private mode to avoid all that. All modern browsers have a private navigation function, even on the mobile. As this mode warns, Internet service providers (ISPs) and others can still be able to track all their navigation activity, but help keep you more private from your own websites and anyone looking at your local machine .

2: Avoid Google (or Bing or Yahoo)

Google, Bing and Yahoo can be the three most popular search engines, but the trio also collects the largest amount of data about you to publish relevant ads and customize services. Especially when you log in with your account, these search engines can collect your name, email address, birthday, sex and telephone number. In addition, Google and Bing can also collect important data such as the location of the device, device information, IP address and cookies data. anonymous online

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To prevent you from being traced when you look up on the web, we recommend that you use a service like DuckDuckgo. This is an independent search engine that does not give you personalized search results. All those who seek see the same results, and whatever you seek will not be collected or stored. The search engine also affirms that it has nothing to sell to advertisers, which means that you will never be subject to directed ads that are seen when you use Google and other websites. anonymous online

If you can not give up Google for several reasons, you can customize for you to point less. Access your Google account and choose Privacy and customization, and then choose customization of ads on the next screen. Where you say customization of ads, activate the deactivation option. You can also check all the brands that are following you through the activity of your Google account and deactivate them one by one if you want to block tracking selectively. anonymous online

3: Hide your IP address and your location

The next important thing you can do to stay anonymous is to hide your IP address, which is the easiest way to trace online activity up to you. If someone knows your IP address, you can easily determine the geographical location of the server that hosts that address and have an approximate idea of ​​where you are located. In general terms, there are three ways to hide your IP address and hide your location. anonymous online

First, you can use a virtual private network (VPN). For most attempts and purposes, a VPN conceals your IP address. A VPN is a private and encrypted network that “a tunnel” through a public network (normally Internet) to connect remote sites or users with each other.

However, today’s VPNs do much more than just encrypt your data. You can choose with which VPN server you want to connect anywhere in the world, making it seem that your point of origin is anywhere you want. The best VPNs also refuse to track your activity by themselves (some maintain records) and have additional features as shutdown switches that will instantly cut off your connection if it seems that something goes wrong with the encryption.

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My recommendation is NORDVPN that is also of offer and works very well.

4: Use email and anonymous communication

The use of proxies, VPNS and TRA will hide its IP address from indiscretive looks, but sending emails presents a different anonymity challenge. Let’s say you want to send an email to someone, but you do not want me to know your email address. In general, there are two ways to do this. anonymous online

The first is to use an alias. An alias is essentially a forwarding direction. When you send mail through an alias, the destiny

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