What are the significant factors about Annulment

An annulment is defined as a legal procedure by means of family court system that aims at declaring the marriage never occurred in the first place. Either the first or second individual or both if the individuals which entered into the marriage did not meet the qualifications to marry or even the circumstances that surrounded the marriage did not meet the proper or actual requirements in order to constitute a legal marriage. 

The courts of Oklahoma could either declare the marriage void by means of Tulsa annulment process that clearly means it was not proper to begin with since start or it could be voidable because of some action taken by one or both if the spouses even if the marriage could be still valid. 

What is meant by void marriage?

A void marriage is such a narrative that was never  a legal marriage or even the circumstances which surround the marriage are illegal in Oklahoma. Despite considering the conduct of the parties this kind or type of marriage could not be stated illegal. 

The main types of void marriages include:

  • The first type is polyamory or bigamy.
  • The second type is incestual marriage to a relative. 

What is the process of obtaining an Annulment?

In order to continue through the process of how to get an annulment in Oklahoma it is best for the individual to consult with a family law attorney for the procedure of reviewing the case as well as discussing the necessary or relevant evidence the individual needs in order to prove his grounds for annulment. 

The individual would need to gather the evidence that could illustrate how the marriage is not legal. For instance if a female got married to a man who turned out to be homosexual then in that case testimony from the friends as well as family would be required to show the grounds of fraud.

Just in similar cade if a parent’s child who is over the age of 18 but uncertainly he is mentally challenged to become married the parent could challenge the consent which was given by the child. The parent and child would be required ti show the medical records as well as provide testimony at the time of trial. 

All of the actions through the Tulsa annulment process require a hearing and a trial prior to a family court judge. There the individual would have to provide with documents and testimony that would prove the grounds for an annulment. 

What are the further factors about annulment? Just like the divorce an annulment is a means of terminating marriage. However the fact that Tulsa annulment process goes a step ahead or further by declaring a marriage either voidable or void by means of a legal proceeding. The result could be as if the marriage never occurred. If a person speaks to with a family law attorney he would help him decide weather the annulment is the right process for him and his spouse. 

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