The Most Difficult Treks in the Western Ghats

The two years during the lockdown seemed to be extremely excruciating for all of us. Now that it has got better , it is very important we’re back on track with everything. Sometimes all we need is a little vacation to loosen up a bit and enhance both our physical and mental health. If you’re someone staying down South , it’s time you experience the thrill of trekking amidst here or if you’re someone who’s going on a trip do check these out. 

  1. Kalusbai Trek – Everest of Maharashtra 

This is considered as the most difficult trek to accomplish and is a real adventure for many trekkers out there. The best time to trek is the monsoon season ( June – September) so that you can see the raw beauty of it. The densely lush forest area , beautiful views , sparkling waters and of course the wisp of fresh air make this the best trip. It is completely safe to do too as the government has taken the initiative of installing iron railings and steps for the path to make it easier. 

It is advised to take a nice homemade meal along with you. Once you reach the top , there is a Kalusbai temple which has a story for its establishment. Try finding out by interacting with the locals. Kalusbai is grandly celebrated during Navratri time. The entire trip is 12 kms but is absolutely phenomenal.

  1. Kudremukh Trek – 

Kudremukh trek Located in the state of Karnataka , the name itself suggests that the mountain is in the shape of a horse. It is considered as Chikmalgur’s favorite destination and takes about 3 days to complete.  It is at a height of 6207 feet and leads you into the famous Kudremukh National Park. If you’re doing this trip , make sure that you have an ample amount of practice as it is almost 16 km long. Remember to pack some winter wear along as sometimes the weather gets chilly suddenly. During your trek , you’ll spot various types of flora and fauna that you’ve never come across. You start from the Kalasa Village and on your way visit Hebbe Falls , Hanuman Gundi Falls , Z point and many more.

  1. Kodachadri Trek – 

Kodachadri literally translates to Jasmine of Hills. Tucked up in Shimoga district of Karnataka , this is for all the ones who need a daring adventure with thrill that lasts a lifetime.Many people opt for this trek because once you reach the peak you can see the Arabian Sea and it is really a sight your eyes must not miss. The pleasant and calming meadows with the Sharavathi backwaters is the best combination to top it off. 

Many wildlife enthusiasts love this place as you can see some unusual species here such as Painted Bush Quail , Malabar Gray Hornbill , Great Indian Hornbill , Black Naped Monarch. Many people opt to trek for half the journey and go by car for the other half. Descending down the peak requires some finesse and practice. Make sure to take permission and submit the required documents if you want to camp the night. However if you trek the entire way , you’re likely to see Hidlumane Falls , Sunset Point , Ganapati Cave , Chitramoola and many such attractions here.

  1. Chembra Peak – Pride of Wayanad 

For someone who is busy year round and just has time for a quick weekend getaway , this place is for you. It is open throughout  the year , except it’s recommended that you avoid the monsoon seasons from July – August as it tends to be very slippery around here. Also make sure to take permission from the forest administration as it is quite risky with all the wild animals roaming at night. 

For someone who loves nature and its mesmerizing views , there cannot be any better place than this. It is pervaded with coffee and tea plantations and gives that breezy hit of air. Another major attraction here is the Chembra Lake / Hridaya Thadakam Lake , which is a heart shaped lake that is a tourist spot for many. It is exactly the best place you wanna be at and for your next post on Instagram. You can even trek nearby but do it at your own risk! 

Apart from the ones mentioned above , there’s others such as – 

  1. Bhimashankar Trek
  2. Dudhsagar Trek
  3. Rajmachi Trek
  4. Anamudi Trek

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