Top 10 MS in Computer Science in 2022

MS in Computer Science: A Master of Science (MS) degree is the most standard qualification you can obtain after undergraduate studies. Not only does the fact remain that computer science is the most diverse subject ever, but it also packs the most number of opportunities. Computer science has covered it, whether it is for choosing career options post-graduation or high placement packages. In addition, millions of international students opt to target computer science MS degrees in universities abroad. MS in Computer Science

If you are creative with a drive for technology or want a career in the most prosperous industry, an MS in Computer Science is what you are looking for. Several subsets derived from computer science have already made their presence known. Programs like data science, machine learning, software engineering, cloud computing, cyber security and HCI are prime examples of computer science. MS in Computer Science

MS in Computer Science: Why?

A Master of Science is the most common degree in technical education. But why should you consider it and that in computer science? It’s like CS is the most lucrative or most successful field ever. However, it is something that offers you the best in everything. You get to study in the best places in the world. Post-grad career options in prime cities and countries are extreme in computer science. Jobs are high paid, plus CS professionals are always in demand and valued by organizations.

Countless blogs, articles, guides and evaluations state that computer science has been an emerging field for the last decade. The process seems to be going right on track, and with time more development will only make it better. Did you know that the average salary for a computer scientist is $108,944 (around 85 lakhs) per year in the USA (Indeed reported, June 1 2022)? The data remains almost the same for locations like the UK, Canada and Singapore. CS professionals earn from 50-80 lakhs annually in prime locations annually.

Even with this many earning opportunities, computer science is not a limited yield regarding job or career. The demand for CS graduates and experts remains high every season every year. Every organization nowadays requires a CS professional, whether a large multinational corporation or a small-time offline business. Therefore, computer applications and principles are more than important in current times.

MS in Computer Science: Specialization

The number of core and indirect areas derived from computer science is more than counted. Subjects like data science, software engineering and information systems are also a part of computer science. New specializations in computer science have taken the industry by a storm, and they are the most sought-after courses in current times.

Here are some of the most popular computer specialization specializations:

  1. Data Science
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Cloud Computing
  6. Information System
  7. Human-Computer Interaction

These areas are among the most successful and popular in computer science. With an MS degree in computer science, you can most definitely pursue a career in one of these areas or many other areas. Many students prefer to have a CS qualification by their side to get ahead in their professional life. It works like an MBA. If you have a degree in CS, your candidature would be already ahead of your peers.

MS in Computer Science: Top 10 Universities

More than enough universities in different countries offer an MS in computer science degree. Choosing a country might be easy as each has a diverse education style. However, once you are over that hurdle, then comes university selection. Having hundreds of universities to browse only makes the process complex. So the first thing in this situation is to narrow down the options.

You must be aware of the top global universities for computer science to make a decision. Otherwise, what’s the point of spending a ton of money and your precious time if you don’t get into your dream school? If you target the top universities from the start, the worst-case scenarios won’t disappoint you.

Here are the top 10 universities and the MS computer science degrees they offer:

RankUniversity NameProgram Name
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
2Stanford UniversityMS  in Computer Science
3Carnegie Mellon UniversityM.S. in Computer Science
4University of California, Berkeley (UCB)Computer Science M.S.
5University of OxfordMSc in Advanced Computer Science
6National University of Singapore (NUS)Master of Computing – Computer Science Specialization
7Harvard UniversityMaster’s in Computational Science and Engineering
8University of CambridgeMPhil in Advanced Computer Science
9ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of TechnologyMaster Computer Science
10EPFLComputer Science – Master


Without a doubt, your master’s studies are the most crucial qualification of your life. Making a small mistake can ruin your entire experience. If you are interested in the technology sector, consider an MS degree in computer science. It won’t just give you a wide postgrad opportunity; it also pays well. Start planning for MSCS abroad now.

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