How Are Diploma and Certificate Frames Customized?

Diploma and Certificate Frames

Custom framing is a great option if you’ve gotten a college diploma or other certificate and would like to display it on your wall. Not only can you choose a Jostens custom diploma frame & certificate frames that fit your diploma, but you can also get them made to fit your specific dimensions. Read on to learn more about these options. Remember, there are so many to choose from that you should consider your budget before choosing the right one for your diploma or certificate. Diploma and Certificate Frames


You have a variety of options when it comes to customizing diploma and certificate frames. Whether you want to showcase your diploma with a mat, photo, or tassel, you’ll have no trouble finding one that will look great. The possibilities are as numerous as the designs and materials available. Contact a professional framing service to help choose the perfect piece for your diploma. Often, these professionals will help you customize the frame according to your preferences and the overall look of your room. Diploma and Certificate Frames

Another option for customizing diploma and certificate frames is purchasing moulding matching your office or school colours. Other options include glitter or other decorative materials. Choosing a custom frame allows you to choose from hundreds of styles, and the consultants at a framing service can help you select the perfect frame. You may also opt to purchase extra moulding for future diplomas. Some companies even allow you to include other objects in the frame, such as the tassel from your graduation cap, a photo, or a certificate. Diploma and Certificate Frames


One of the best ways to preserve your diploma or certificate is to frame it in a custom frame. Custom diploma and certificate frames are made from a variety of materials. A solid hardwood frame is recommended for a higher-quality finish. You can also add a matte board to complement the two-toned paper on the diploma. In most cases, you can find archival-quality mat boards in various colours. Diploma and Certificate Frames

When choosing the frame, you need to consider the room’s style and decor. Wood frames are more traditional and work best in similar-style rooms. However, metal frames are modern and add a touch of modern sophistication to your diploma or certificate. They are also great for rooms with clean lines and minimalist decor. 


Diploma and certificate frames can be made of several materials, including wood, metal, and acrylic. You can choose a molding that complements your decor or pick a unique option that will stand out in your room. Generally, these frames come in gold or silver finishes, and their distinctive shapes and textures complement most decor styles. In addition, you can choose black or silver molding to complement the contemporary or vintage-style decor.

When choosing a finish for your diploma and certificate frame, consider the material of the frame and the size of the certificate it will hold. If the certificate is horizontal, consider choosing a frame that matches the lettering on the certificate. If you’d like to showcase your certificate vertically, choose a horizontal frame. You’ll find a diploma frame that suits any occasion and will complement any room design. If you’re giving a gift to someone else, a diploma frame in a modern, decorative finish is a perfect choice.


You need to know the exact dimensions to purchase the correct frame for your diploma or certificate. Diplomas and certificates generally have a size of 21 x 29.7 cm, and certificates are generally A4 in size. If you’re unsure of the exact size of your diploma, you can check with your school. Once you’ve graduated, you can measure the diploma across its top and sides. There are several different dimensions available.

If you’re looking for a traditional style frame, you can’t go wrong with a classic model. The classic style of this frame features a slot for the diploma and instructions for easy insertion. Usually made from hardwood molding, these frames feature a black or colored mat board to showcase the diploma. The embossed name and seal of the school or college are usually placed on the mat board. Traditional frames are timeless and go well with many different decors.

Framing options

Diplomas should be mounted on a backing board to protect them from damage. Pre-made diploma frames do not protect them from damage so they can yellow and degrade over time. To preserve your diploma’s beauty, you should choose a museum-quality frame made from archival materials. When framing your diploma, you should also consider other factors, such as the design and style of the frame. Not all diplomas are suitable for mounting.

The best way to protect a diploma is to have it custom-framed. A high-quality mat will not only showcase your diploma but also keep it safe from glass. Make sure you choose conservation-quality matting and packing materials. Look for these qualities on mat boards, frame specification sheets, and documentation for the frame you select. The width of the mat should be approximately two and a half to three inches.

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